REVIEW // Dior Addict Lip Glow

Lip prods that adjust to the unique pH of one’s lips are popping up more and more frequently, but Dior’s pretty pink Lip Glow was the first. A pink, purple or fuchsia end result, we review this moisturising balm and discuss the pros and cons!
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N //
The folks at Dior had me hooked on the promise of a universal balm that reacted to each user’s lips to give a natural flush of custom pink, best suiting her skin tone. Who wouldn’t want a custom Dior-approved radiant pout? I absolutely love this super hydrating and nourishing formula and let’s not forget the fresh minty scent, love !

The only con for me is that the custom colour is a vivid pink that upon second application, becomes a bright fuchsia pink. For a girl who’s go-to lip is Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Secret – a subtle cool-tone pink (think my lips but better) – this brighter than life fuchsia is a little more difficult to wear than I’d like.

If you’re one of the lucky beauties who gets a lovely pink shade from this prod, it would be a great addition to your handbag.

J //
There’s not much I love more than a pretty, light pink lip so I purchased my first Dior Lip Glow in a heartbeat when I saw it online years ago. I mean, look at that gorgeous colour in the photos above – perfection! What I didn’t realise at the time is the lip balm’s special formulation to adjust to lip pH, an element of surprise some may love or hate… Fortunately, I love.

First up, the Lip Glow (on me…) swipes on as a deliciously hydrating sheer pink gloss – exactly what I purchased it for. But after an hour or two and another application, the colour starts to get brighter, and by the end of the day, is more or less fluorescent fuchsia.

Given my wardrobe consists of monochrome only, I don’t mind the colour chameleon element at all. In fact, it’s one of my favourite lippies (especially in summer) as it ticks all the boxes: Moisturising, glossy, a fresh scent and delivers pretty shades of pink – albeit plural. The initial sheer pink lets you ease into the day subtly and as things quicken pace, so do your lips! I’ll continue to repurchase for sure, but recommend sampling for first time users. It does turn an interesting shade of mauve on a friend of mine who has a naturally pigmented pout!


N //
The newer release of the pair, I must admit I had high expectations. For those ladies (myself included) whose lip pH didn’t quite agree with the pink edition, I hoped the custom coral colours would be the answer to our prayers! On first application, I found the it gave the perfect awakened and healthy touch to my face that I didn’t know I was missing, so naturally I was impressed.

My only hesitation with this prod is that I don’t find it as nourishing as the pink formulation, it feels more like a stain on my lips rather than a hydrating balm. I do adore the colour and will probably keep this in my handbag or car for a mid-afternoon touchup.

J //
As other reviews have pointed out, the coral Dior Glow is similar in colour to the pink, but not similar enough to warrant the exact same pink casing they are both packaged in – so confusing! On my lips, the coral delivers a pigmented pinky colour straight away, rather than the pink that starts off sheer and works its way up. The colour is beautiful and summery but I’ll continue to repurchase the pink only as I prefer the unique buildable application. The coral is too similar in colour to say they’re both must-haves.

From the beginning, N has been convinced the new coral shade is a different formula that’s not as hydrating and I’d have to agree. If you look at the two balms side by side above, you can see how much sheerer the pink is that provides a more moisturising application. That said, if you were to receive this as a gift it’s still gorgeous!

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