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One half of Bella to Bella spent a few months abroad last winter and the other half is in Florence as we speak, so we’re all too familiar with the pesky perils of packing toiletries and fine-tuning your makeup case for beauty on the go – it’s a fine art!

We’ve both made the mistake of packing too much of this and too little of that, and learnt the hard way that when it comes to swapping your bathroom drawers for a 10 by 5 nylon case, beauty regimes are best rethought for practicality…

See below for our picks on travel beauty essentials; what to pack, what to prepare for and what we’d suggest you leave at home… Enjoy, and happy travels! xN&J

Travel beauty essentials you most definitely need..

travel beauty essentials

J // Urban Decay Naked Palette

The first thing I packed in my suitcase for a spring break in Europe was my beloved Urban Decay Naked Palette, immediately eliminating all need for single eye shadows, quad palettes or Mac Paint Pots – all of which can roll around, risking the dreaded shatter.

Whether it’s the Naked Palette 1, 2 or 3 that you solemnly swear by (for reference, N prefers the cooler taupe and grey tones of #2 while I love the warmer, bronzer tones of #1) the all-essential range of eye shadow shades will have your back at all times like a true bestie. The beauty of the Naked Palette is the shades range from matte to shimmer; nudes to gunmetal and the perfect bronze tones that will have you covered from Parisian brunches to dawn-til-dusk Greek Island dancing, and everything in between.

My love affair with the Naked Palette has been strong since the start but after two months abroad together, it’s been made concrete #alltimefave.

N // Chanel Soleil de Tan Bronzing Makeup Base

This matte cream bronzing base is utter perfection! Gifted to me just before my European adventure, I definitely underestimated the versatility of this truly universal bronzer – here me out…

The matte finish allows the product to be used as both a buildable bronzer and/or contour. I use my favourite Sigma duo-fibre brush for flawless application that allows the product to literally disappear into your skin and become a seamless part of your base. Always buildable and never cakey or (even worse) dirty, the cream can be built up until you achieve your desired bronzed look – less if you’re fair, and more if you are lucky enough to have a year-round glow.

The real reason why this prod is so amazing is the fact that it can be worn both over and under foundation. Whether it be a week or even a few days into your adventure, inevitably, one’s body will become more bronzed than the face and neck (possibly the only undesired side-effect of daily SPF use). At this point, instead of a dash to the closest Sephora or SpaceNK to pick up a more appropriate shade of foundation, simply buff the Chanel Bronzing Base into your skin, then proceed with your foundation and concealer. I’d even suggest using the same brush to seamlessly blend the products together. Then, simply layer the prod after foundation for the desired sculpting and bronzing effects. Voila!

What you most definitely need to leave home…

travel beauty

J // Your entire collection of lipsticks and glosses

Any beauty loving Bella will admit that true pride and joy lies within our extensive collection of lipsticks and glosses… but the one place these favourites of ours do not belong is in a suitcase. I made the ridiculous mistake of thinking that lipsticks are “so teensy”, why not pack them all? Nudes, pinks, fuchsia, marshmallow, reds and coral – the whole shebang! The truth is, when you’re travelling you simply do not need lip prods spanning every colour of the rainbow, nor does a traveller have the time or patience to sort through lippies looking for the ‘perfect colour’. A good neutral balm (recommendation: Sara Happ’s One Luxe Gloss), a pretty pink and a long wearing fuchsia/red (pending personal preference) for evenings out will have all bases covered.

Boy, is having 13 lipsticks rolling around your makeup case irritating – learnt the hard way – and a mistake I strongly recommend no one else makes. Should you end up needing a certain colour, all you need to do is pop down to the local Sephora and chat with the sales associates while practicing your best dialect – half the fun of travelling!

N // Your favourite full size perfume…

Learnt from experience, my #1 travel tip is to leave your pretty bottles of perfume at home where they belong in order to save them, and every item of clothing in your suitcase, from harm (including those cute new summer sandals). I sadly lost my Lanvin ballerinas to an in-transit perfume spill and since then have vowed to travel glass free.

As beauty lovers, adventures abroad are sure to involve a beauty purchase (or 10!) and that means adorable, sample size perfumes from your favourite counters. On my recent adventure, I was gifted at least half a dozen of these travel friendly scents that were perfect for my cross-body day bags and breakage-free flights. Not to mention, perfume samples are the perfect opportunity to trial your new signature scents and have travel experiences that will forever be associated with notes of Balenciaga Paris or Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

For those who consider it outrageous to leave for overseas without a perfume, I’d suggest purchasing a travel friendly atomiser. But let’s be honest, your first purchase will likely be at the airport – bon voyage !!

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