REVIEW // Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Hourglass’s Ambient Lighting Palette is one of those gloriously pretty makeup prods that seem to be all over Instagram, or more specifically, beauty flat lays. The 3-in-1 illuminator set is perfect for any Bella looking to cheat a ‘naturally lit from within’, glowing complexion.

How to use these dreamy powders? A Mecca SA was kind enough to explain: Following foundation or tinted moisturiser, dust Dim Light (far left) all over the face to soften any imperfections. Then apply your favourite bronzer, followed by a swipe of the darkest illuminator, Radiant Light (far right) over all the same features to further enhance that glorious glow; cheekbones, temples and sides of the nose. Finish with a light dusting of Incandescent Light (middle shade) on the high points of the cheeks, under the brow, inner corner of the eyes, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow to brighten the complexion. And voila – the healthiest of glows!

A few extra tidbits below, but our consensus is equal: Life changing… Do purchase if you have the chance! xN&J

N //
Excluding base products, rarely do I find a makeup prod is purchased one day and used everyday and night from that day forward. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette was one of those prods, and I often wonder how I lived without it – seriously!

These soft, finely-milled powders cast light onto the face much like your favourite Instagram filter (Amaro, btw). The powders are pigmented just enough to blur, sculpt and highlight, without looking cakey from excessive powdering.

Onto the application. I will admit that I applied these gorgeous powders as per the above Mecca-recommended instructions and loved the finish, however after watching Wayne Goss’s video regarding an alternate, buffing technique, I knew that I had to try it. The buffing technique blurs all the hard edges of product you may have left in your speedy morning makeup application to give a naturally flawless finish.

So, simply apply your foundation and concealer, followed by your favourite bronzer (you know mine is Nars Laguna) and layer with the Radiant Light powder. This gives your bronzer a warm, polished finish you never knew existed. Next, take a large powder brush and buff the Dim Light all over your face in circular motions. This is the perfect way to blur your bronzing for a seamless finish. I prefer to apply Incandescent Light last on the high points of the cheeks, temples and nose for a light-catching glow at the end as highlighters do not last long on my skin, but otherwise I would suggest applying this before buffing Dim Light all over.

I cannot recommend this prod enough – the compliments alone make it worth the $76 investment.

After receiving this palette as a gift, I wasn’t quite sure how to use it… guessing it was a pretty highlighter set with different shades that I didn’t really have time for – I mean, I already had my HG Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector to illuminate, right? But boy was I wrong! This product is simply a must-have.

Fast forward a few weeks; N had snagged an Ambient Lighting Palette for herself and was raving about it, so I finally listened to her spiel on the application process and discovered after my first use that this product was magical. When applied as per Wayne Goss’s instructions (that is, the darkest shade over your already bronzed cheeks, the far left as an all-over translucent powder everywhere else, and the middle shade where you’d naturally apply highlighter), the powders act to enhance your bronzer, add to your highlighter and soften the entire face.

You may think you’ll end up looking fluorescent but instead, the finished product is a healthy, behind-the-scenes runway glow that your friends are going to be insanely jealous of. Needless to say, this is the final step to both my day and night makeup regimes and a prod I’d recommend to anyone and everyone… come one, come all!

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