We’re very vocal ladies when it comes to beauty prod discussion – quite literally able to talk for days on end about the pros & cons of a certain highlighter or blush. And whilst we don’t always agree on absolutely everything, of course, what we’ve listed below are our “Oh Em Gee!” products, the “I-Can’t-Live-Withouts”. Some of these are cult favourites (and for good reason!), and the others we feel are well on their way to the same stardom.

We have quite different skin types and think if we can both love a particular prod to the point of labelling it a Desert Island Must-Have, chances are you will too! A snippet of love on each for now, with full reviews to come. x N&J

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
The day we both bit the bullet and coughed up $90 for this Oh-So-Raved-About foundation was a great one. It had been on our ‘to-buy’ lists forever, and there truly is no beating around the bush with this one – it’s fab. We’re all about foundations that get us right through from the early mornings, Uni, and work, to the latest of evenings out, and this is that “all-round” foundation. It’s neither too matte nor shiny, and feels like your own breathable skin; allowing for buildable coverage whilst still appearing effortless and never-ever cakey. There are some other really great foundations out there, but what’s special about the GA Luminous Silk is its ability to provide great coverage yet in a way that isn’t heavy or un-breathable.

Depending on your application tools, this works for both everyday, natural makeup and full-coverage looks at night. A beauty blender is a must-have for all liquid foundations, including Luminous Silk, for flawless coverage.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (N – Pearl; J – Moonstone)
There’s no denying we’ve all been guilty of fluorescently highlighted cheeks. The beauty of Becca’s SSP is that it glistens when hit by certain angles of light, unlike other highlighting prods (powder highlighters, we’re looking at you!) that often sit over your makeup as a separate layer, screaming fluorescence at all angles. A subtle swipe and dab after foundation + concealer allows the product to literally become a part of your skin, giving the perfect glow in all the right places. It lifts every look and makes your skin appear radiant, polished and flawless. A swipe over the cupid’s bow is also a must!

Nars Laguna Bronzer
A cult beauty prod, and for good reason. This universally flattering bronzer has just enough shimmer in it to make cheeks beautifully bronze, without seeming at all orange or dirty (is there actually anything worse than ‘dirty’ makeup?!). We’ve both tried other bronzers in between Laguna-usage but honestly, not much else in terms of the perfectly bronze/non-dirty or orange colour has made the cut… there’s no going back.

We both use the Nars Bronzer Brush and think this makes a big difference in terms of layering – the big, dense brush is perfect for a bronze yet non-cakey application. Long-wearing bronzer for naturally glowing cheeks… heaven.
(Special mention: TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer …Review to come!)

Nars “The Multiple” in Orgasm
The perfect size! The perfect finish! The perfect blush! …Ok, we’re excited but give us a second to explain. Nars’ Orgasm blush in both powder and The Multiple stick form, is the perfect peachy-pink addition to the cheeks. It’s the perfect product for every Bella from the seasoned beauty addict, to those who are a little unnerved about blush in general (we were both bronzer-only gals for a while! Sometimes blush just seems unnecessary and scary…) but Orgasm makes such a huge difference to cheek makeup whether you’re going for natural, everyday makeup, or a more formal, contoured look.

We particularly like Orgasm in The Multiple stick form as we’re dewy-face fans rather than matte, but the colour is gorgeous in powder, too. The Multiple is also super handy to keep in your handbag for touch-ups with its sturdy, damage-free packaging. And the stick lasts forever – bonus!

Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Sheer Lipshine (‘Secret’ highly recommended)
Is it not a fact of life that when you finally find a gorgeously perfect shade of lipstick or gloss, the formula is drying/patchy/just NQR? Flakey lips after lipstick reapplication is far too common (why are hydrating lip products so hard to come by?!) but we’ve found the solution in Chanel’s Rouge Coco Sheer Lipshines. They come in lots of pretty colours and have a fabulous hydrating formula. They’re more of a coloured lip balm than a lipstick with their hydration, but with enough gloss for a pretty, lipstick-esque finish. We’re not going to lie, they aren’t the longest wearing lippies, but they’re so deliciously hydrating we don’t mind reapplying!

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